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Apr 28, 2021
Ferrocenylethynyl-labeled nucleotides for ratiometric redox labeling and coding of DNA
Ferrocenylethynyl-labeled nucleotides are efficient tools for electrochemical redox labeling of DNA and development of highly sensitive genosensors. Read more...
Mar 24, 2021
LEXSY for difficult-to-express proteins
Complex proteins are often poorly expressed in prokaryotic expression systems. With LEXSY you can tackle these difficult proteins with a eukaryotic host – but with all the ease and simplicity known from prokaryotic cells. Read more...
Mar 18, 2021
New: Nuclease Control - As simple as this!
Nucleases (e.g. RNases & DNases) are enzymes able to cleave phosphodiester bonds of nucleic acids (RNA, ss- or ds-DNA). Due to their omnipresence in the environment, they pose a contamination risk especially to molecular biological applications such as PCR.
Feb 24, 2021
XP Screens: Crystal Screening with TEW - The Protein Crystal Glue
The Anderson-Evans Polyoxotungstate [TeW6O24]6- (TEW) is a universal and flexible crystallization additive that is integrated in our XP Screens for improved crystal quality and resolution. Read more...

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