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Mar 24, 2021
LEXSY for difficult-to-express proteins
Complex proteins are often poorly expressed in prokaryotic expression systems. With LEXSY you can tackle these difficult proteins with a eukaryotic host – but with all the ease and simplicity known from prokaryotic cells. Read more...
Mar 18, 2021
New: Nuclease Control - As simple as this!
Nucleases (e.g. RNases & DNases) are enzymes able to cleave phosphodiester bonds of nucleic acids (RNA, ss- or ds-DNA). Due to their omnipresence in the environment, they pose a contamination risk especially to molecular biological applications such as PCR.
Feb 24, 2021
XP Screens: Crystal Screening with TEW - The Protein Crystal Glue
The Anderson-Evans Polyoxotungstate [TeW6O24]6- (TEW) is a universal and flexible crystallization additive that is integrated in our XP Screens for improved crystal quality and resolution. Read more...
Feb 18, 2021
Bulk Scale Virus RNA processing!
Meet Jena Bioscience! We give you 5 compelling reasons why Jena Bioscience is your reliable manufacturer & partner when it comes to reagents for purification and amplification of viral RNA!
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