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Feb 24, 2020
New: HighYield T7 P&L RNA Synthesis Kit
We now offer a HighYield RNA Synthesis Kit based on a modified T7 RNA Polymerase that has been associated with decreased abortive transcription, increased transcript 5' homogeneity and increased 5' incorporation efficiency of GTP analogs.
Feb 06, 2020
Modified mRNA synthesis beyond the classics
5’-capping and epigenetic nucleotide modifications are critical for efficient translation and reduced immunogenicity of synthetic mRNA. The classic combination of modifications consists of ARCA, 5-methylcytidine and pseudouridine. Promising extensions of the mRNA modification toolbox are available.
Jan 30, 2020
Rapid qPCR diagnostic test for pork and horse DNA contamination
The demand for Halal-tested products is constantly increasing. Customers must be assured that products they are consuming are free of meat contaminants (e.g. horse or pork). At Medlab Middle East in Dubai we launch a new series of Meat Detection Kits.
Jan 24, 2020
IR dye - labeled DNA Probes
We now offer ATTO680 NT Labeling kit for the preparation of ATTO680-labeled DNA probes via nick translation.

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HALAL Hannover
Hannover, Germany
March 06 - 08, 2020

MiCom 2020
Jena, Germany
March 16 - 19, 2020

Analytica 2020
Munich, Germany
March 31 - April 03, 2020

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
June 07 - 12, 2020

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