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Nov 25, 2021
Why freeze-dried PCR mixes?
Freeze-dried/lyophilised PCR mixes are stable at ambient temperatures and allow point-of-care use without any refrigerating infrastructure. Read more...
Nov 18, 2021
One-step 3'-End RNA Labeling with AF (Alexa Fluor®)-Dyes
One-step labeling of short 3'-End AF (Alexa Fluor®)-Dye modified RNA is now easily achievable.
Oct 11, 2021
LEXSY - Custom protein expression service
Are you interested in protein expression, but lack the time or manpower to realize your project? Try our custom protein expression service!
Oct 01, 2021
LAMP just got even faster!
Halve your LAMP amplification times with the new Saphir Bst2.0 Turbo Polymerase from Jena Bioscience.

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